Oil Gas Division

YTCC Limited Oil & Gas provides products and services like equipment and machinery, Casing, tubing and pipes, instrumentation, chemicals , engineering support , Process Skids Static …etc. as well we provide after market spares to the oil and gas, exploration & Production Companies in Yemen since 1986.


Our clients includes all oil & gas companies , petrochemicals companies and drilling companies operating in Yemen


We listed below summery of the products and services we do provide which represent only part of what we are covering.



1- Drilling


       Casing Tubing

       ERW – SAW – Seamless

       Drill Pipes

       Coated Pipes

       Line Pipes

         Pipes & Fitting

       Flanges (Carbon / Alloy Steel)

       Pipe Fittings (Carbon / Alloy Steel)



       L bows

2-Strainers And Filters

   Y Type, High Pressure, Gas Filtration , Simplex Strainers ,  Back Flush Strainers,   

   Duel Basket Strainers, Liquid Filter, Dry Gas Filter, Filter Separator, Carbon Bed   

   Filter, Cartridge Filter.

3-Static equipments

   YTCC Ltd offers the complete range of static equipments supplied and supported by after market  

   service to our client in Yemen . The products are being used in the various process stages of oil and  

   gas, petrochemical  refinery, export pipe line, etc.

   YTCC and its principles also offer the static equipments, skids, packages to manufacture according to  

   the specific  custom made designs.

     Heavy Process Equipments

        2,3 Phase Separators

        High Pressure Vessels

        Distillation Columns


        Custom Designed Manufacturing 

      Heat Exchangers

       Custom Designed

       Shell Types

       Tube Types

       Fined Type

        Static Packages/ Skid Mounted

       Gas And Liquid Metering

       Terminal Custody Transfer Pipeline Equipments

       Metering Skids

       Transfer Pumps

       Proving Meters Skids

       Turbine Meters

       Additive Chemical Injection

       Air Moisture Separator For Instrument Air

       Blending Mixing

       Flame Arrestor Flare Systems

       Gas Liquid Measuring And Filling System

       Loading Arms And Mooring System

      Truck Loading Equipments

      Positive Displacement Meters

      Pig Launcher, receiver, signaler

     Oily Water Treatment


    Dry Gas Filter

    Gas Conditioning Skids

    Flare System

       High Pressure Flare

       Air Assisted Flare

       Enclosed Flare

       Utility Flare

      Gas Assisted Flare

      Liquid Flare

      Steam Assisted Flare

      Ground Flare

      Coned Flare

      Flare Accessories

      Flare support Structures  

    Tanks, Tank Equipments

      Tank Venting – Pressure and Vacuum

      Equipments For Bulk Storage Tank Inventory And Monitoring

      Storage Tanks for Gas, Oil and Petroleum Products


4-Instrumentation and Control

     Valves and Accessories

        Control Valves


        Safety Valves

        Ball Valves

        Butterfly Valves

        Globe Valves

        Gate Valves

        Pilot Operated Valves

        Level Controllers &Transmitters

        Pressure Controllers & Transmitter

        Temperature controller & Transmitter


        Recirculation Control Valves

        Solenoid Valves

        Check Valves

        Bleeding Valves

        DCS, SCADA, Process Control Stations

        Safety Instrumented Systems

        Emergency Shutdown System

        Gas Analyzer

        Liquid Analyzers

        Hazardous Area Electric And Electronics Instruments

        Bs & W Monitor / Oil In Water Monitor

        Orifice Sets, assemblies, Holders, flanges

        Actuators – Emergency Shutdown Valves

        Level Transmitters – Pneumatic

        Controllers / Transmitters

        Rotating Equipment Health Monitoring

        Measuring Instrument on Ph, Conductivity, Dew Point, Gas Detectors, Analysers,

            Pneumatic Fittings

             Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow Gauges


            Orifice Flow Meter

            Ultra Sonic Flow Meter

            Venturi Tubes Flow Meter

            Turbine Flow Meter

            Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

            Flow Computer

            Produced Gas Chromatographs & Controller

          Transmitters & Switches






5- Electrical

         YTCC is continue to supply and support to the electrical requirement for various industries and to the            corporation like Generation, operation and maintenance, distribution we are one of the reliable source            for the Power plant main equipment supplies.


          Power Plants

         Diesel Heavy Fuel Oil Fueled

         Duel Fuel – Reciprocating  / Turbines

         Steam Turbine Driven

         Gas Turbine Driven

         Boilers and Steam Turbines

         Power Plant Main Equipments


       HV/LV Distribution / Transmission

       Switch Gears

       Distribution Panels

       Control Stations

       Motor Controls

       Variable Speed Drives

       Power Transformers

       Instrument Power Supply

       Static Rectifiers And Inverters

 6-Rotating Equipments

    YTCC is strong in supplies and aftermarket sales in the rotating equipments our specialization in,   

    transfer, main line pumps, ESP, turbines, compressors, etc listed as below.

    We also undertake, overhauling, upgrade, retrofit, service , train of the installed rotating equipments.

           Pumps – API


         Transfer and Loading

         Water Re injection

         Produced water


         Boiler water feed

           Compressors Driven By Electric Motors, Reciprocating Engines, Turbine Engines

         Air Compressor Screw

         Nitrogen Generator

         Instrument Air Compressor

         Industrial Skid Mounted

         Starting Air Compressor

         Compressors For Emergency Shut Down

         Portable Engine Driven Compressor

         Gas Compressor Screw

         Gas Compressor Centrifugal

7-YTCC - Engineering Design Consultancy & Services


         Pipeline Design

         Project Management



           Field Services & Supplies

            Well Heads

            Wire Line

            Work Over

            Off Shore Platforms

            Well Testing

            Test Separators

            Christmas Tree

            Well Head Control Panels

             Production Testing

             Operation & Maintenance

            Engineering And Design Services








            Engineering And Design

              Process Simulation

              Relief Valve, Flare And Vent Sizing

              PHA Management

              Heat Exchanger Sizing And Analysis

              Pipe Stress Analysis

              Pressure Vessel Sizing And Analysis

              Structural Design

              Instrumentation Management

              Hydraulic Flow Analysis

              3-D Plant Modeling. 

              Project Management

          Manufacturing Services – (In collaboration With our Principles)

              Custom Equipment Skids

              Control And Instrumentation Panels

              Heavy Equipment Fabrication

              Structural Steel Fabrication Including

              Platforms, Walkways, Hoppers, Grizzlies, Etc.

              Repair And Refurbish Equipment

              Testing, Inspection, And Startup Of Equipment

8- Services.

         In offering our services, we pride ourselves in our ability to cover our customer’s

         requirement, thereby ensuring complete quality control of product from receipt to

         commissioningIn order to facilitate this requirement, management and supervision

         are seconded from our service organization and control the following departments:-

      General engineered products and services

      Oilfield services

      Electrical divisions

      Desalination services

      Field services

      Inspection and heat treatment services

      Welding and fabrication.

      Metal Spraying and coating services

      Reverse Engineering

      On-site performance analysis

      In-situ dynamic balancing and analysis

      Component repair and manufacture

      Complete overhauls




           Water Treatment And Filtration

         Desalination Units For

         Drinking / Utility Water Treating Unit

         Chemical Injection Packages

         Process Water

         Boiler Water

         Waste Water

            Rotary Seals and Joints For Pumps, Compressors, Agitators

              Stuffing Box Packing

              Dry Gas Seal

              Seal For Steam Turbines

          2 Phase Seals

          Expansion Joints


           Air Conditioning And Space Heating

          HVAC Controls

          Fire Dampers

            Corrosion Monitoring System

          Cathodic Protection

          Rupture Disc Burst Sensor

          Corrosion Coupons

           Fire safety and Firefighting Equipment

          Fire Alarm System

          Fire Pumps Skid And Portable

          Fire- Flammable -Combustible And Gas Detectors

          Fire Detectors (Heat/Rate Of Rise/Rate Compensated)


          Pipe Coating

          Corrosion Protection Coatings

          Thread Components

          Valve Compounds

          Bitumen Additives

          Phosphorus Additives

          Oil Field chemicals

          Filter Aids

          Activated Carbon

          Molecular Sieves

          Specialty Surfactants

          Paint And Coating

          Hand Tools

         Safety Gears and Personnel Protection

         Hand Tools

         Electrical Pneumatic Hand Tools