Chairman Message


Being a company specializing in trading and service, we, founders and operators of Yemen Trading  and Construction Company based in Yemen  and established in 1979, have much experience of our business fields at present:    


             With the wish to help producer and consumer come nearer and nearer together, and to bring manufacturer with the desired effect on business, bring customer the most convenient choice; we concentrate on doing research and developing some “new commercial chain” according to international trend. Our company is a collection of experienced, professional, knowledgeable and skilled staffs. Besides, our managers are experts in market analysis as well as in integrating and applying advanced international experience into Trading. So, we are very much confident to assert that we can consult and execute all customer’s requirement in the most professional and effective way.


 We believe to provide the customer with the best products and perfect services. We appreciate your sincere support very much.

 Best Regards,

Amin A Kassim.